Severed Tower

Session Report 2

After returning from the Briny Deep, Ammnon received a mysterious note, he quickly excused himself. After her victory Gertrude decided she would have a celebratory drink and wandered off in search of the nearest watering hole. Craig and Airivan decided to take the orb to Fitzpatrick.

After arriving at the Grey Cloak’s bar and sitting at Fitzpatrick’s booth, Airivan cast the spell identify on the sigil key. He was astonished, it was created to bypass 66 different wards. This key was a marvel of magical accomplishment, the secrets of it’s creation were lost years ago with the fall of the old elven empire. It was likely created during the apex of that long lost civilization.

As they discussed the orb, the writing caught Crag’s eye. He consulted his notes on the demonic obelisk prison the party had encountered. The script was the same, the mage who created this key had dabbled in dark, risky magic.

Those sitting at the table heard a commotion at the door. A tall, grey, lanky figure grappled the guard at the door. It was Basheer, chief of the ? Goliath clan in ? Mountains. “Friends I have returned to aid you in your time of need!”. Belwar had visited Basheer’s clan after the betrayal on the road to Elminster and informed him of what happened. He did of course leave out many, key, self incriminating details.

The party decided to consult with Halanan to try and find out more about the sigil key. Sensing that the party may be under surveillance since acquiring the relic, Airivan suggested they disguise themselves when returning to the castle.

Using a disguise self spell, Airivan transformed into Willen Chadale, magician extraordinaire, and son of a sausage monger. Basheer became the busty and statuesque blond, Tila the assistant. Crag took on his animal form, becoming an owl perched on Airivan’s shoulder. Airivan cast sending and informed Halanan of their plan.

Upon arriving at the castle the party was escorted to the laboratory of Medet Balen the city’s arcanist. They found it a cluttered mess. After looking around the deserted lab, an eagle flew in and landed on a perch. Thinking that was Medet’s familiar Airivan began explaining that he, Willen, was there to be transported to Haven’s Run to visit his old friend Halanan. Mid-explanation an ornery, old man walked in “What are you talking to my eagle for? He doesn’t understand anything”. Airivan, somewhat put off, began to again explain why they were there. ???‘s daughter Cara Balen came arrived and attempted to defuse the situation. Using the beginnings of a fireball spell Medet Threatened Wille, telling him to stay from his daughter or else. Cara quickly ushered the party off to the teleporter and transported them to Halanan’s keep.

Was Medet telling us not to seal stuff?? What was he being a codger about?

Arriving at Halanan Uvarkk‘s keep, the party found it empty. They made their way outside to find Halanan. They told him that Bertio Mercal had been replaced by John the Doppleganger three years ago. Halanan didn’t know what to make of that, he had known Bertio for many years. He saw him regularly at the ?? counsel meetings?? and never noticed a change. The party spent the night at the keep. After cooking up some dinner Airivan contacted his sister Aeris. He told her that he knew where her quarry was and that if she was good he would share that information with her. She was completely unreasonable and promptly cursed at him.

???? did other stuff

The next morning they returned to Forlonde to speak with Cara Balen. They told her that Bertio Mercal had been replaced by John the Doppleganger. She agreed to verify that with magic and speak with the guards she trusted. They planned to make a move when the revenent came to exact her vengeance on John.

The party returned to the inn. The inn keeper came to the room and told Airivan that someone was there to see them. Airivan and Craig went out and met a well dressed man named Taurin. He asked them if they had the sigil key, it was a gift to ??? of Nosrith. Airivan and Criag played dumb saying that they had not found anything in the Briney Deeps. Taurin told them that Pervy Skeet had told him that they had the relic. Airivan and Craig again obfuscated saying perhaps Piles the boar had swallowed it. Eventually Taurin gave up and left. Later, Airivan and Craig both felt really guilty.

The party decided to change hotels as they now knew they were now in the cross hairs of Vash’s organization. Airivan decided they would would go to ??? the inn with the second best breakfast buffet in Forlorne. Craig turned into a sea bird and flew to inform Fitzpatrick of Taurin’s visit.

Airivan and Basheer left the inn, wary of pursuers. They realized immediately that they were being tailed by a woman. They tried to loose her but to no avail. Airivan and Basheer decided to go to the market and wait. They sat eating fruit for a shot while. Eventually Basheer started taunting their pursuers, of which there were now two. He acted like he knew some funny secret about them, pointing and laughing. They both

Marina the revenant showed up
Crag’s old key is a way to find the dragon heart



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